Nilay was founded in 2020 and began with a trip to India where we fell in love with the fabrics, colors and smells that transported us to the Mediterranean summers and we decided to start creating clothing designs using these colors and textures.

Our family has a mix of origins, on the one hand French, where our love for fashion comes from, and on the other, Mallorcan, where our inspiration for fabrics, colors and textures comes from. And as we have always been deeply rooted in Mallorca, it is there that we decided to open several stores to put our designs on sale.

Following the line of natural and fresh fabrics, we decided to create a slightly more European line with linen and thus also creating timeless garments.

And after the success of these in the store and due to the great demand from people who wanted to buy our clothes online, we decided to expand and boost sales with a website.

Our goal is now to be able to provide linen garments, starting now with men's fashion, to all these customers who already know our clothes purchased in store so that they can also have them online and subsequently expand the sale of all our women's models. as well as our accessories and jewelry.